Monday, March 23, 2009

Signing MOU

Kevin, Bryant and myself met with Mayor Greene and Village Council staff to sign the MOU so it is now official. I took three copies with me, having signed many documents that involve government.

We are planning this year's Earth Day event in April and hope to get some work done on the Ross Island boat house and pump house at the top of the hill, plus plan for the deck. The winter rains have eroded the road down to the stairs again so that will need to be fixed. A pipe also appeared out of the roadway which must have had a purpose at one point of which I do not know. The winter plowing and frost heaves must have brought it to the surface. It had been bent back and we removed that section but will need to remove all of it that extends to the building. We will keep people posted about what our schedule will be and a work plan.

Frank Longstaff will be putting together the lease and checking with ServiceNB about the requirements of the lease that will allow us to qualify for property tax exemption.

There are some other exciting possibilities brewing that I can't divulge at the moment but will do so as soon as I can.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting on the Village

Unfortunately, there were not enough council members at the Grand Manan Village Council meeting on Mar. 2 for a quorum and the meeting was cancelled. A decision on our memorandum of understanding has been postponed until the next meeting. Apparently, there will be a special meeting some time in March before the next scheduled council meeting the first Monday of April.

We should have known everything was against this meeting happening - we were in the midst of an ice storm coating everything and making for extremely slippery conditions, it was the beginning of March break (two of the councilors are on vacation) and the video camera wouldn't work for the local Cable 10 broadcast!