Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four years after the almost tragic grass fire at Swallowtail.

April 1, 2007 fire as seen from my deck.
The April 1, 2007 grass fire at Swallowtail almost saw the buildings (light tower and keepers house) burned to the ground if it had not been for the fast action of the Grand Manan Volunteer Fire Department.  Their hoses just reached the keepers house but to protect the lighthouse itself, they set back fires and used sheets of plywood to keep these fires from getting out of control.  The creeping juniper burned very hotly and were just ashes afterwards.  None of the tamarcks survived.  Here is a link to some pictures taken that day that I found recently while looking for other information about Swallowtail: http://travel.webshots.com/album/558569230dFBKQw

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Tea a Success

The day began with a spattering of rain but it didn't damper spirits of those attending the Royal Wedding Tea. Approximately 65 came to the tea bedecked in their finery. Laura Buckley and her crew outdid themselves as usual with enough sweets and sandwiches to feed three times the people.
Portions of the Royal Wedding were played throughout the tea on a wide screen TV and while we had countesses, duchess and ladies, not many counts, dukes or lords made an appearance but those that did certainly enjoyed themselves.

The hats came in all shapes, sizes and colours and while flowers dominated, butterflies, fish, dories and resplendent fabrics made appearances. But it didn't stop with hats, fancy dresses, shoes and gloves also finished the look.

Take away packages were available and several containers of cupcakes were taken to the Grand Manan Nursing Home after the tea.

Anticipating the Royal Tea.  Tables and television set up.

Laura Buckley coordinating the layout of the buffet with
Jana, Emmy, Megan and Harley
Whale Cove Cottage crew: Laura, Megan, Jana, Emmy and Harley
Buffet layout.

Some of the people attending the tea in Covert Hall.

Hats came in all shapes, sizes and colours -
Dawn, Janie, Elaine and Ginny.

Laura, Hallie and Bessie

Mary and Sandra

Evelyn, Kaye and James

Megan, Sidney, Taylor, Annie, Harley, Haven


During the tea with the Royal Wedding  playing in the background


Cleaning up after the tea.

Everyone went away feeling they had a wonderful afternoon and we were able to raise some money to continue the restoration work at Swallowtail.  Many thanks to Laura Buckley, Emmy, Jana and Megan Greenlaw, Harley Bass, Diane Jaillet, Fredonna Dean, Marilyn Cronk and Bryant Eaton for serving and/or cleanup;  Ken Ingersoll, Lloyd MacFarland and Bryant Eaton for setting up the tables; Clare Toyer, Cecelia Bowden, Marilyn Cronk, Diane Jaillet, Pam Cronk and Pam Charters for additional cooking. 
Back view of the Countess of Pettes Cove's hat.