Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lighthouse Tours

Swallow Tail and a herring carrier seen from the north along the ferry route.
Now that Swallowtail Keepers Society has a long term lease for the complete Swallow Tail Light Station, we have begun to offer some of the programs we hope to run in the future.  This includes tours of the lighthouse.  These tours are given when our volunteer or student are available and are not offered at all times.  Each tour is personalized and you have a great opportunity to learn a little history of the lighthouse, visit all four levels including the lantern and take some amazing photographs of spectacular views.

People enjoying the view from the Swallow Tail lighthouse lantern deck.

Robyn Guptill's panoramic view from the light house, July 7th.
We will be doing some restoration work later in August and these tours will not be available at those times.  Because we are still raising money for the restoration work, the tours are not free.  A donation is required so make sure you have some cash with you.  You can check at the Welcome Centre if any tours are available on a particular day.

People enjoying both the lighthouse and the former site of the bell house before it was moved to the lighthouse.
People on the former bell house site beside the rock formation that resembles a family and their dog.
Even without access to the lighthouse, the peninsula is wonderful to visit.  Fin and minke whales, harbour and grey seals and harbour porpoises can be seen from the lookouts, as well as many species of seabirds.  Bald eagles and peregrine falcons are common visitors.  Fall migrating land birds often make first landfall at Swallow Tail.  The herring weirs are active this year and you may be lucky enough to see them seine the herring out.
Fin whale off the Intruder herring Weir below Swallow Tail lighthouse in Pettes Cove on August 5

Fin whale off the end of Swallow Tail August 5
Minke whale in Pettes Cove headed toward Swallow Tail July 1