Saturday, October 1, 2011

International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

Over three days in August, 19, 20 and 21, we hosted ham radio operators for the third year as part of the International Lighthouse/Lightship weekend.  Sterling Carpenter, Rick MacMillan and Art Gunn brought their equipment and set up in the keepers house.  Because we have worked hard to make it livable, removing the mould, repairing damage and making it water tight, we were also able to offer them the house for the weekend.  While there is running water to the house, the plumbing system hasn't been activated since 2004 so "camping" was what was offered.
Rick, Sterling and Art in the western side of the keepers house

Despite the fog, the three thoroughly enjoyed themselves, welcoming visitors to the house and reaching the following ham radio operators, set up in lighthouses:

VE7FE Nootka Island Lighthouse, BC (1911)
DA0LCC  Lighthouse at Wehldorf Upper , Germany (1968)
N2MO Lighthouse at Sandy Hook , NJ, USA (1764)
W4JUP Lighthouse at Jupiter, FL, USA (1860 but continued disputes had the light dark until 1866)
KP3RE Fajardo Lighthouse, Puerto Rico (1882)
W2GSB Fire Island Lighthouse, NY, USA (1826)
W4A Tierra Verde Lighthouse, Tampa Bay, FL, USA (2005)
W9LY Michigan City Lighthouse, IN, USA (1858)
V3CL Oakville Lighthouse, Oakville, ON (1837)

Rick MacMillan using his computer as part of the calling procedure for his ham radio

Sterling Carpenter setting up one of the antennae for their ham radio
Sterling's only comment when asked what could be better, was to be able to set up in the lighthouse.  That could be sooner than we think.  We look forward to next year's International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend.

Colouring Sheet have a wide range of activities from colouring sheets to games, fun facts, history, and other Canadian related material on their web site.  It is "a growing project that aims to make exploring Canada fun". One of the colouring sheets is Swallowtail Lighthouse as seen from the top of the hill.

Download the colouring sheet and have fun.