Friday, December 28, 2012

August Swallow Tail Concert

We were fortunate to have three musicians (Nora Suggs, Rebecca Brown and Mary Ogletree ) from the Satori Chamber Music ensemble ( in Pennsylvania, perform August 11 at Covert Hall. These musicians play violin, flute, mandolin, tin whistle and shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute, in a wide range of musical genre, from Irish jigs to Baroque to Japanese traditional folk music.

Satori Trio: Nora Suggs, Rebecca Brown, Mary Ogletree
The very talented young man, Alexandre Banks, also participated, playing fiddle and step dancing.
Alexandre Banks playing his fiddle
Paul Lauzon ( made a surprise addition, a prelude to his solo concert the next night. He has written a number of songs about Grand Manan and its residents and entertained the audience with a couple of these. He is an Associate Professor of Music Therapy at Acadia University in Nova Scotia.

Paul Lauzon playing guitar and singing one of his Grand Manan ballads
It was an enjoyable evening and raised some additional funds to help us with the restoration of the Swallow Tail property.

We are always interested in highlighting musicians in these August concerts and we are indebted to their kindness for performing without pay.

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