Sunday, April 11, 2010

Village of Grand Manan Historic Places Registry

A grant from the New Brunswick provincial government allowed the Grand Manan Historical Society to begin the Village of Grand Manan Historic Places Registry. Twenty-four places have been added and can be viewed on the website. A search of the Canadian Register of Historic Places for Grand Manan, NB will bring up everything that is listed for Grand Manan, including the Swallowtail light keepers house and boathouse. Also three light towers (Swallowtail, Gannet Rock and Machias Seal Island) and another keepers house (the house attached to the Gannet Rock lighthouse) have been listed as Recognized Federal Historic Buildings, a precursor for the Federal Historic Lighthouse Bill. The brick government building in North Head, known for the Post Office, is also a Recognized Federal Historic Building. The final listing is the National Historic Site in Seal Cove, encompassing the herring smoke houses and seawall.
Canadian Coast Guard photo of Swallowtail Lighthouse taken in 1990 from

The push to save Swallowtail was helpful in kick-starting the Village Registry. It is hoped that this funding will continue so more of Grand Manan's historic places can be listed.

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