Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signature graffiti

During renovations of the keepers house, I have uncovered two signatures on the back of trim, one in the eastern kitchen and one in the eastern bathroom.  The former is from 1996 when renovations were underway to convert the keepers house to a bed and breakfast.  It was on a piece of trim around a pass through window from the kitchen to the dining room (former living room) in a new partition. The carpenter signed his work, not to be exposed again until it was torn off to return the original floor plan.  The latter signature dates from 1958 when the keepers house was being built.  Again it is on the back of window trim in the bathroom that had to be removed to take off the tub surround.

"Larry Small July 19 1996" Signature on trim from a pass through window built in the eastern kitchen in 1996 by Larry Small during renovations for the Swallowtail Inn Bed and Breakfast.

"Swallowtail Light Joe McDowell" Signature on bathroom window trim dating from 1958 during the construction of the keepers house by Joe McDowell company. 

A stencil was discovered in the boat house from the assistant keeper, Addison Naves.  A bit difficult to see in yellow paint, it is on the wall beside the work bench.
Stencil of "A C Naves" found in the boat house.  This dates from the late 1950s.
In both coat closets in the keepers house there is what appears to be the combination for a lock or safe.  I do not know what this was for but it was obviously important to be written on the walls in both sides of the duplex for the keeper and assistant keeper.  Fortuantely neither closet had been painted so the original pencilled numbers remain.

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