Monday, July 4, 2011

Help in Unexpected Ways

Swallowtail is a beautiful location but getting things to and from the keepers house or lighthouse is always a challenge even when the tram way was functional and things were brought by boat.

Keepers buildings and lighthouse seen from Net Point.
A couple of weeks ago we needed to move some heavy items out to the keepers house from the former Ross Island boathouse because that is now our greeting centre and gift shop.  We had organized some of our volunteers to help but many of us are getting up in age although are still very active and always up to a challenge.

It just so happened that the Hampton Sea Cadets were visiting the island to go whale watching and arrived just in time to carry some items down the 54 steps across the bridge and along the trail.  Thank you!

Some of the Hampton Sea Cadets aboard the whale watching
vessel, "Elsie Menota"

One of the Sea Cadets leaders chatting with the captain of the
"Elsie Menota", Sarah McDonald.
And just to remember the light keepers motto at Swallowtail - never go empty handed, they graciously carried some items back up the steps!

The Sea Cadets taking unused insulation back - never go empty handed
The gift shop/information centre is starting to look great, thanks to many people who have been involved hiring students, organizing schedules, ordering stock and painting signs.  We have two picnic tables on loan from the Anchorage Provincial Park for the summer.
Former boat house from fish Fluke Point Lighthouse on Ross Island
moved to Swallowtail after that lighthouse was decommissioned in 1964.
It is our welcome centre and gift shop.

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