Monday, July 4, 2011

Wooden Lobster Trap Style Benches

I have always admired the wooden lobster trap style benches at the Anchorage Provincial Campground.  With funding from the Canadian Heritage Legacy Fund for ground work related to a tribute to the former light keepers, we were able to have six installed at Swallowtail.
Truck load of bench parts to be taken to Swallowtail.

Ken Ingersoll putting a lobster trap style bench together
on the deck of the keepers house.

Joe Ingersoll and Ken Ingersoll carrying a bench to the lighthouse
from the keepers house construction site.
We were able to borrow the pattern from the Anchorage and purchased the lumber to make the benches.  Some of our volunteers cut out all the components which were then carried out and built on site.  They are very heavy, which is ideal for the windy conditions at Swallowtail, but it also makes it a bigger challenge to  put them in place if they are fully constructed.

Newly construction wooden lobster style bench immediately in use.
I am not the only one who loves these benches and there have been several people ask to have one made for their own gardens.

We also have a great older bench that was donated and refurbished in the red lighthouse paint colour. This bench was owned by the former owners of the Anchorage Provincial Park, the L'Aventures. It is on the observation deck surrounding the greeting centre and is accompanied with a picnic table on loan from the Anchorage.
Donated bench on the observation deck.

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