Thursday, November 29, 2012

Commemorative Bench

John MacKenzie was a vibrant young man from Grand Manan who lived life to the fullest. He died accidentally in 1989 cutting short a life that was full of promise. His 25th high school reunion was celebrated this year and the class got together to make a lasting tribute to John. They chose Swallow Tail as the location and had a log bench constructed with a plaque:


In loving memory of John MacKenzie 1969-1989

The Class of ‘87

We moved one of our lobster trap style benches to another location so this bench would have the best view of the Swallow Tail peninsula. Many visitors had the pleasure of using the bench this summer and in turn, contemplated who John MacKenzie was.

John's parents, Jack and Verna, live on Grand Manan and his brother, Chris, lives in Saint John.

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