Saturday, November 24, 2012

Swallow Tail Lighthouse Enters the WiFi Age

The new Grand Manan Adventure ferry was built with modern communications in mind. Few people these days are without a computer, tablet or cell phone so the access to WiFi during the ferry ride was a desirable feature. A company called ProData have been installing the necessary equipment to give continuous service during the ferry ride. The location of the Swallow Tail peninsula is ideal to bridge the gap between the ferry terminal on Grand Manan and the ferry during its run. Small relays have been installed on the boathouse and now give anyone in the area free Public WiFi.
Grand Manan Adventure ferry coming around Swallow Tail heading to Blacks Harbour.
This is a great perk for us, not to have that monthly bill, but to be able to promote free internet access to visitors, to those staying at the keepers house and to our summer staff. We hope this will also allow us to have a webcam installed in the future, similar to the one at the Long Eddy Lighthouse through Alpha Security Services, a local security company:

Small WiFi relay antennae on the boat house at Swallow Tail.

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