Monday, April 27, 2009

Work Party Success

On Saturday, April 25, about one year since we organized the first cleanup at Swallowtail, 30 people participated in projects at the upper section of the Swallowtail light station. This is the most accessible part of the light station and has parking, a pump house, and a shed which was originally part of the Fish Fluke Point light house and was used as a boat house (we frequently refer to it as the Ross Island boat house). The group successfully shingled the pump house and half of the old boat house/shed. The shed had both cedar and asphalt shingles which made stripping the roof more time consuming because of all the nails. Despite the fact that the roof had been leaking for quite some time, there was very little rot and that was easily fixed. The shed was also scraped and readied to be painted. The grounds were cleaned up around the buildings.

In addition, concrete footings for a new observation deck were dug, pinned and poured. This deck will wrap around the old boat house and provide a wonderful view of the light house and peninsula.

Part of the trail that originally ran from the stairs that lead down to the light house to Pettes Cove was cleared of fallen trees and undergrowth and is now open for use. This section can be accessed from along the road leading to the light house or at the head of the stairs and walking back toward Pettes Cove. There are some marvelous views of Pettes Cove and Net Point.

Lunch was provided by members of Swallowtail Keepers Society and included hot dogs, egg salad sandwiches and curried chicken pitas.
We hope to have more work parties throughout the spring, summer and fall. Work will begin on the deck shortly. The last half of the roof will be shingled soon. Then there is painting, painting and more painting. Fixing some of the windows. The Canada Day flag raising. Working on the southern wall of the boat house. Making the keepers house watertight. Replacing the roof on both the boat house and keepers house.....
Anyone who wishes to help physically or by donating material or by donating money can contact any of the Swallowtail keepers.

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