Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Than a Pretty Face - Selena Leonard

The lighthouse stands on a lonely hill
The sight of which does my heart thrill;
To think of days that have long gone by,
When through the fog it's light would shine
And guide the men of the sea back hom
While on the ocean, to work, they roamed.
It's stalwart structure stood many a gale,
And the deep notes of the horn, in the fog, would hail;
Calling to it's bosom the men who fished,
Who worked so hard, for a better life wished.
It's profile, there, on the bank stands tall,
Representing to visitors what it means to all
Who've lived on the island, this seafaring shore,
It is safety, comfort, home and more....
More than a picturesque place to be
To those of us who live by the sea.
It welcomes us home when we've been "away"
A most pleasant sight to a very long day.
Yes,... there stands the lighthouse on it's lonely hill,
The sight of which does my heart thrill.

~ Selena Leonard, Sept. 2007

Great-grand daughter of Della and Wallace Taylor, lightkeepers at Swallowtail

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