Monday, August 23, 2010

International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

For the second year the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club ( participated in the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend at Swallowtail.  Sterling Carpenter and Rick MacMillan came from the Club and set up their equipment in the building at the top of the hill, which was formerly on Ross Island.  Sterling was instrumental in getting a special call sign for Swallowtail VE9SLH, for Swallowtail Light House (SLH).

Sterling Carpenter

Atmospheric conditions were better this year than last and they were able to speak with six other ham radio operators set up at lighthouses:

UK0084 Blakeney Mariners Light, a 16th century light, England
UK0080 Spurn Point High (most easterly of England)
UK0037 Girdleness, Scotland
ES0027 Cabo Finisterro, Spain
US0065 Esopus Meadows Lighthouse, USA
US0091 Coney Island/Norton's Point Light, USA

The numbers refer to the list on the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend website, that gives information about each lighthouse or lighthship participating.

Rick MacMillan

Sterling and Rick chatted with everyone who stopped in.  They didn't have as many visitors this summer because they found leaving the big doors open let in too many mosquitoes and the cool night air.  They also volunteered to sell some raffle tickets, had the wonderful 150th Anniversary cotton bags on hand and the newsletters available for anyone interested.

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